Anand Chandrasekaran Net Worth, Biography, Age & Height (2024)

Anand Chandrasekaran Net Worth

Anand Chandrasekaran is an Indian Entrepreneur and Business Executive who has worked in numerous big companies. This man has worked in big companies and earned an excellent reputation because of his outstanding working skills. Anand Chandrasekaran is a big name on the Entrepreneurs List. Being an Entrepreneur is a challenging task. It is a big journey of highs and lows. Most people get disappointed when they don’t see success in their projects, but Anand Chandrasekaran is not one of them. This Indian Entrepreneur and Business Executive has passed every hurdle and successfully added Millions to his Net Worth. No lows in his life forced him to give up. This article is for people who were inspired by the success stories of Anand Chandrasekaran. We’ll highlight everything about Anand Chandrasekaran, including his Age, Biography, Height, and Net Worth.

Anand Chandrasekaran Net Worth

Anand Chandrasekaran’s Net Worth will be revealed right now. This man has worked in numerous big companies. What is your guess? How much would this man have succeeded in adding numbers to his Net Worth? Countless people work in big companies but fail to add huge numbers, but Anand Chandrasekaran is not one of them. He is a millionaire whose name comes on the Entrepreneurs List.

Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Product Officer/Investor

Anand Chandrasekaran’s Net Worth is $5 Million. He has worked for large companies, and we will provide a summary of his career later on. He started from being broke to becoming a millionaire. We’ll mention his career journey after a while. Let us tell you about Anand Chandrasekaran’s Biography.

Anand Chandrasekaran Biography

Anand Chandrasekaran is an Indian Entrepreneur and Business Executive. He studied at PSG College of Technology and Stanford University. Everyone knows the value of Stanford. Only hard workers can get admission to Stanford University. Anand Chandrasekaran is a hard-working guy who completed his studies at Stanford University. Here is his Biography:

Place of Birth Bombay, India
Nationality Indian
Date of Birth 1978
Age 46 Years
Profession Chief Product Officer
Height 6.2 Feet
Eyes Color Black
Hair Color Black
Star Sign Cancer

That was Anand Chandrasekaran’s Biography, but we still have to mention his career details. We’ve briefly summarized this Indian Entrepreneur, but how was this man listed on the Entrepreneurs List? What are his achievements in life? It is time to brief you about them. Becoming a millionaire can be challenging. It takes years of hard work and patience to become a millionaire. Let us break the complete story of Anand Chandrasekaran.


Anand Chandrasekaran worked hard and had many jobs. He worked for big companies, but entering the doors of big companies was difficult for him. No one gets a job offer from big companies when you can’t prove your skills. Anand Chandrasekaran had to prove his skill before big doors were opened for him. We’ll write about his entire career journey, and reading it would be exciting.

Aeroprise Startup (2001)

Anand Chandrasekaran started his entrepreneurship journey with his first startup, Aeroprise. This startup was established in 2001 and was led by Anand Chandrasekaran, who worked tirelessly to ensure its success. Aeroprise is a Software Development company working to make different mobile applications, including Mobile Enterprise Applications, Mobile Field Services, and Mobile Business Processes. This company’s headquarters is in Mountain View, California. Its other headquarters is in Bangalore, India. The current status of this startup could be better, but it is closed. This project was a good starting point for Anand Chandrasekaran, but he didn’t achieve the success he expected. Therefore, this startup was discontinued.

Joining Yahoo (2011)

Anand Chandrasekaran joined Yahoo in 2011. Yahoo is still a big name in 2024, but it was more significant in 2011 because Gmail and other platforms weren’t famous. Anand Chandrasekaran got the opportunity to work at Yahoo in 2011. He was the Senior Director of Mobile and Search. He worked at Yahoo for almost 3 years and was responsible for improving Yahoo’s Mobile Interface. In 2014, he decided to quit his job and became the Chief Product Officer of Bharti Airtel.

Joining Bharti Airtel (2014)

Anand Chandrasekaran decided to join Bharti Airtel in 2014 as a Chief Product Officer. The Chief Product Officer’s role is challenging, and taking this responsibility is complex. You are responsible for creating and managing the company’s products, but Anand accepted this challenge and worked hard for this company. Bharti Airtel designed and published numerous new products under the supervision of Anand Chandrasekaran. This man stayed here for just one year. He launched the Wynk Music App in 2015 while being the CPO of Airtel. He resigned from this job in 2015 and tried his luck with another famous company.

Joining Snapdeal (2015)

Anand Chandrasekaran joined Snapdeal in 2015. His expertise as Chief Product Officer was famous. Snapdeal also hired him as its Chief Product Officer. Snapdeal is a renowned Indian eCommerce Company founded in 2010. Anand joined this company and worked as a Chief of Products for 1 year. 2016 was a good year for Anand because 2 big companies hired him. Everyone dreams of working in these 2 companies where Anand was engaged. Therefore, he resigned from Snapdeal in 2016 and decided to work in 2 big companies. That was the 1st time big doors were opened to this guy, and he didn’t waste any time deciding.

Joining Messenger (2016)

I’ve already said that 2016 was a big year for this guy. In 2016, Anand joined Facebook as the Director of Platform Partnerships for Messenger. Everyone wants Messenger and WhatsApp installed on their Android and Apple Smartphones because they are the best communication applications. Anand worked at Facebook for 3 years and left in 2019. Working with Facebook marked him up on the Net Worth list of Entrepreneurs. The features in Messenger were also improved in those years when Anand was responsible. That’s when people started to know this guy because Facebook is a big name. We’ve seen many people who are fans of employees working in big companies because the approval ratio is rare.

Joining General Catalyst (2022)

Anand Chandrasekaran joined General Catalyst as a partner and investor. Anand had earned enough money to start a big startup, and General Catalyst is a prominent startup. This is the project where Anand works as a partner and investor. His Net Worth has reached $5 million. Let’s see how much success he earns as an investor and partner in General Catalyst. The latest numbers are $5 Million.

These were the details of the businesses and companies where Anand worked as a director, employee, partner, and investor. Let’s see which more places this man selects to work in. We’ve revealed everything about Anand’s career, but let us show you the presence of this man in the online area. Every celebrity shows his presence on Social Media Networks. That’s when they get famous, and people start learning about them. This guy also has a good presence on Social Media Networks.

Anand Chandrasekaran Social Profiles

We researched a lot and found 2 contact details of Anand Chandrasekaran. Anand Chandrasekaran interacts with his fans through LinkedIn. Here are the complete contact details of this man. Kindly have a look at them:

LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile (362K Followers)
Twitter Twitter Profile (4.6K Followers)

These are the 2 Social Media Networks where you will find Anand Chandrasekaran. We have mentioned everything about this guy, including his Age, Biography, Career, Height, Net Worth, etc. Nothing still needs to be said because we’ve briefed you about everything.


We mentioned everything about Anand Chandrasekaran. You landed on our website to learn his Net Worth, but we gave a detailed briefing on the startups and jobs where this man worked. What are your thoughts about this article? Let us know them in our website’s comments section. We’ll share the Net Worth of other Indian Entrepreneurs in the upcoming articles. Therefore, remember to visit our website. That’s all for now.

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