Anar Alizade Net Worth, Biography, Age & Height (2024)

Anar Alizade Net Worth

Anar Alizade is an Azerbaijani Businessman and Entrepreneur born on September 21, 1978. He is the Founder and Investor of numerous companies. Anar Alizade was born in Nakhchivan City, Azerbaijan. He is a well-known businessman in Azerbaijan. Investing in multiple businesses and making good profits from those businesses is his profession. That’s why Anar Alizade succeeded in getting his name listed in the famous Azerbaijani Business Personalities. People from Azerbaijan and other countries want to know his Net Worth. Our article will be helpful for those people because we’ve learned everything about this business personality. We’ll share Anar Alizade’s Net Worth, Biography, and business details. Therefore, stick to our website because we’re here to give you some exciting information about Anar Alizade.

Anar Alizade Net Worth

Anar Alizade earns most of his money through various businesses. He owns multiple companies inside and outside Azerbaijan. He started his businesses in Azerbaijan. After achieving some success, he decided to start some of his businesses in the outer side of this country. What do you think? How much Net Worth does this personality have? Please give us a thumbs up because we’re about to reveal it.

Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Businessman (Owner of Union Grand Energy Group of Companies)

Anar Alizade’s Net Worth is between $4-$5 Million. Achieving this number was difficult for this man, but he accepted the challenge and continued to work hard until he reached this number. Azerbaijan’s economy isn’t enormous like other developer countries, but Anar Alizade didn’t care about this. He worked hard and invested in different businesses. Taking those risks became beneficial for this guy, and he made a Net Worth of $5 Million. Consider this guy your role model if you are from Azerbaijan and are considering starting your new business.

Anar Alizade Biography

Anar Alizade was born on September 21, 1978, in Nakhchivan City, Azerbaijan. He completed his graduation and studied at a famous university in his city. Nakhchivan State University was where he studied and took his bachelor’s degree. Taking admission to this university can be challenging. You must be a hard-working guy like Anar to be admitted to this university. Anar completed his degree and started his business journey. We’ll talk about his businesses after a while. Let us share Anar Alizade’s Biography:

Place of Birth Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
Nationality Azerbaijani
Date of Birth September 21, 1978
Age 46 Years
Profession Businessman
Height Unknown
Eyes Color Black
Hair Color Black
Zodiac Sign Virgo

These are the complete whereabouts of Anar Alizade. We have mentioned some of his businesses, but let us give you details on this man’s business. We have already mentioned his Net Worth. It is between $4-$5 Million. Reaching this number takes time and effort. Working every waking hour is recommended if you want to achieve this number. Anar Alizade achieved this number, but through which sources? We’ll mention those sources right now.


Anar Alizade’s family background was wealthy. Therefore, he was fine finding a lot of money and investing in different businesses. His business started by investing money in the Real Estate Industry. He invested some money in purchasing Real Estate, and fortunately, the places where we purchased different properties and lands became expensive. Every land or property becomes expensive after a few months or years, but his profit ratios were higher than expected. This was Anar Alizade’s 1st successful venture, but this didn’t make him a millionaire.

Union Grand Energy Group of Companies

Anar Alizade is the CEO and Founder of Union Grand Energy Group of Companies. This company has almost 5000 employees. This is the business that made this guy famous. This company supplies Oil and Natural Gas to different countries. Anar Alizade is the CEO of this company. He earns most of his income through this business. Providing Oil and Natural Gas is a difficult task. People underestimate this task’s weight, but it requires time and effort. That’s why 5000 employees are working in this company. This is one of the most successful businesses of Anar Alizade. The majority of his wealth is generated through this business. This guy also owns numerous other businesses. Union Grand Energy Group of Companies is not his single business. This Azerbaijani personality also owns countless other businesses.

Baku Business Factory

Baku Business Factory is an official company registered in Azerbaijan. Anar Alizade owns this company, and he succeeded in earning an excellent reputation within a few years. Baku Business Factory is the most loved platform where Freelancers get a perfect co-working space to do the job. Baku Business Factory delivers Digital Marketing Services through different Freelancers. Freelancers with expertise in the Digital Marketing field apply there and work under this company to earn monthly. Baku Business Factory finances those workers and makes a profit through their services. Currently, this company has employees around 400-700. Anar Alizade is working hard to expand this business. Let’s see how much wealth he generates through this business.

Partnership With The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR)

Anar Alizade invests in different businesses. His declared partnership is with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan. This company exports fuel to foreign countries, and Anar’s partnership in this business also generates some wealth for him. Azerbaijan’s government owns this company. They were willing to work with this man because of his extraordinary business improvement skills. SOCAR saw a rise in its shares after it collaborated with this man.

Anar Alizade owns some other businesses. We have mentioned only 3 famous companies, but who knows which businesses he has invested in? Entrepreneurs never stop. They keep investing money in different businesses. This improves their Net Worth, and they reveal their businesses after finding some success in them. Let’s see how successful Anar Alizade becomes in his upcoming businesses.

Anar Alizade Social Profiles

Like other business personalities, Anar Alizade also wants to get noticed on Social Media Platforms. Here are the contact details of this man.

Facebook Instagram Profile (81K Followers)
Facebook Facebook Profile (2.8K Followers)
LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile (44 Followers)
Website Official Website

Anar Alizade’s official website shares helpful information. We recommend visiting his website and following him on Social Media Platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


That was the complete information of Anar Alizade. You landed on our website because you wanted to know his Net Worth. We mentioned every single detail of this guy. His businesses are famous in Azerbaijan. We also said them because we wanted our readers to know every necessary information. To learn more about Anar Alizade, comment on our website’s comments section. We’d answer your question as helping our website readers is our duty. That’s all for now. We’ll reveal the Net Worth of numerous other Azerbaijani Entrepreneurs Net Worth in the upcoming days. Therefore, please keep visiting our website because we’ll share helpful information with you. That’s all for now. Take Care and Stay Safe!

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