Bamboo Manalac Net Worth, Biography, Age & Height (2024)

Bamboo Manalac Net Worth

Bamboo Manalac is a Filipino Musician, Singer, and Songwriter born on March 21, 1976. Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo Manalac is his real name, but people know him as Bamboo Manalac because Bamboo is his Band’s name. Bamboo Manalac was born in Quezon City, Philippines, to Filipino Parents. This article covers Bamboo Manalac’s Net Worth, Biography, Age, and Height. This is the 1st time on our website that we’re sharing a Philippine Biography and Net Worth. This one is going to be interesting. Therefore, please read this article to learn about Bamboo Manalac’s whereabouts.

Bamboo Manalac Net Worth

Bamboo Manalac started working on his passion in 1994. It’s 2024, and 30 years have passed since Bamboo Manalac worked hard to earn money. How much is his expected Net Worth? Bamboo Manalac’s Net Worth as a Music Singer is excellent.

Net Worth$5 Million
Source of IncomeWorld Music Singer

We’ve revealed Bamboo Manalac’s Net Worth and Source of Income. Reaching this stage seems to be easy, but it’s hard. It is the hard work of 30 years that this man did that marked his spot among the millionaires. This man is now a millionaire, but his career journey is full of highs and downs. No one can become a millionaire with just a year of hard work. It takes time, struggle, persistence, and years of effort to get yourself marked up at the millionaire’s spot.

Bamboo Manalac Biography

Full NameFrancisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo Manalac
Place of BirthQuezon City, Philippines
Date of BirthMarch 21, 1976
Age48 Years
ProfessionWorld Music Singer
HeightNot Known
Eyes ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignPisces
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCecil Manalac
Children2 (Lucius Manalac & Isabelle Manalac)

That is Bamboo Manalac’s Biography. We’ve mentioned everything about him, but his career journey remains. This man has thousands of followers, and everyone wants to know his starting journey. Bamboo Manalac has made many fans by releasing the best albums during his career journey. We’ll discuss his career journey with our readers. I know you are his fan, and you landed on our website to find his Biography and Net Worth, but we’ll also share your ideal career journey with you.


You might have known Bamboo Manalac as a World Music Singer, but his career wasn’t started as a World Music Singer. He began his career as a Band Frontman of Rivermaya. His Net Worth is $5 Million, but his career started from a smaller position. Later, he became successful when he launched his Band. We’ll discuss Bamboo Manalac’s career journey.

Band Frontman (1994-1998)

Bamboo Manalac started his career as a Band Frontman of Rivermaya. Rivermaya was a Filipino Alternative Rock Band formed in 1994, and Bamboo Manalac was the Vocalist. It was his first experience, but having this position is also difficult because Vocalists are primarily the main performers. This man accepted this challenge and worked hard for 4 years with Rivermaya. This Band launched numerous successful albums, and Manalac worked hard to prove his skill. He performed outstandingly in the events held in Canada and the USA. Working with this group helped him earn some experience, but he decided to leave this group after 4 years.

On October 10, 1998, Bamboo Manalac performed one last time with this group. He decided to stay with his family in the United States and decided to continue his studies. He returned to San Francisco and Los Angeles schools to continue his studies. Manalac earned majors in English, Film, and Philosophy. His dream seemed impossible, but no one dared to stop this man. He decided to continue his studies and did several odd jobs to pay his bills and fees. Working at odd jobs to earn money proved to be helpful for this man. He also worked hard and performed well as a Vocalist on the stage. Therefore, doing the odd jobs was also easy for him.

Bamboo Band (2003-2011)

2003 was when his Band was launched, but there is also a story behind its launch. In 2002, Bamboo Manalac was living in Los Angeles, California, but decided to return to the Philippines. He met Nathan Azarcon, his former bandmate, when working in Rivermaya. Nathan Azarcon is also a Filipino Musician, Nationalist, Songwriter, and Producer. Nathan Azarcon introduced Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado to Bamboo Manalac, and they collaborated with each other to form a new Band. These guys had a lot of work experience in the past. Therefore, launching a new Band was easy for them. They earned some popularity in the past. Therefore, no advertisement was required. That’s how the Bamboo Band came into being.

This Band’s team worked hard to produce different albums, and they succeeded in launching 4 successful albums. The 4 successful albums got them recognized and received numerous awards. That was the time when Bamboo Manalac became more famous. He previously worked as a Vocalist but gained fame when his self-launched Band won multiple awards. In 2011, this group was discontinued. No one has mentioned any reason, but why this Band was broken is still a mystery. This incident in Bamboo Manalac’s life didn’t disappoint him. He collaborated with a couple of people to form his Band, but his journey in the following years was alone.

Solo Career (2011)

Bamboo Manalac decided to continue his journey alone. His Bamboo Band was closed, but he decided not to stop and continue the journey alone. That’s what big dreamers do. No one can stop them, and they remain alone. Bamboo Manalac also did the same thing. He didn’t decide to stop and continued to perform alone. In November 2011, the first big breakthrough of his life was about to happen. Bamboo Manalac acted alone, but his solo debut album, No Water No Moon, was released in November 2011. This Band was launched under the label of PolyEast Records. PolyEast Records is a Filipino record label in the Philippines. Bamboo Manalac’s No Water No Moon was launched under this, and this Band became successful after 1 year. In February 2013, this Band’s copies were sold more than 7500. That was the time when the doors of success were opened to him. This album contained 12 tracks, and all of them were outstanding. This made Bamboo Manalac recognized by big people, and in January 2012, Bamboo Manalac got an offer to join and perform on a bigger stage.

Joining ASAP (All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party) (2012)

In 2012, Bamboo Manalac joined ASAP (All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party), a Phillippine Television Musical Variety Show produced by ABS-CBN Studios. Working there with different but big names helped him get recognized, and his life changed. He got the opportunity to work with other big stars, and that’s how his Net Worth boosted.

Bamboo Manalac is still working hard in the market. We hope his Net Worth will improve. He has worked and performed outstandingly on numerous big stages. That’s why his Net Worth reached $5 Million. What are your expectations? How much Net Worth should Bamboo Manalac have? Tell us about this in our website’s comments section.


We’ve discussed the entire journey of Bamboo Manalac. How was our article? Let us know by dropping a comment in our website’s comments section. We’d love to hear from you because we like discussing with our website readers. If you have questions on this topic, please comment in our website’s comments section. We’ll answer your question as doing this is our duty. We’ll show up with more World Music Singers in the upcoming days. Therefore, please check our website regularly because we’ll also share other World Music Singers’ Biographies and Net Worth.

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