Cheikh Mboup Net Worth, Biography, Age & Height (2024)

Cheikh Mboup Net Worth

Cheikh Mboup is a professional businessman and a perfect plan developer and executioner from Senegal, West Africa. His expertise in developing excellent business plans is outstanding. He has delivered exceptional results wherever he has worked. He is a Chief Executive Officer at SSH Investments. This is a big company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cheikh Mboup is the CEO of this company, and working as a CEO isn’t an easy job. Cheikh Mboup develops business strategies for this company and has also performed well in the other companies he worked for. At Wikipesh, we’ll announce Cheikh Mboup’s Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, etc. His career journey is outstanding because he works in the USA and is from Senegal, West Africa. How did Cheikh Mboup make his successful journey to the USA? This is the question whose answer you are looking for. We’ll answer this question in today’s article. Therefore, please give us a thumbs up because we’ll start our article by revealing his Net Worth.

Cheikh Mboup Net Worth

Net Worth$1 Million USD
Source of IncomeBusinessman & Entrepreneur

Cheikh Mboup Biography

Full NameCheikh Mboup
Place of BirthSenegal, West Africa
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
HeightNot Known
Eyes ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNot Known
ChildrenNot Known

That is Cheikh Mboup’s Net Worth and Biography. We’ve briefed you about these 2 things, but the primary thing was his Net Worth. How did a person from a very poor background and a country with a weak economy make his way up to the United States? Making a way up to the United States can be easy, but serving as the CEO of a big company in the USA is another greatest achievement. We’ll brief you about his journey from West Africa to the USA. His career journey will be surprising and motivating for people with a deficient background. Cheikh Mboup’s career journey will inspire you a lot. Although we have briefed you about his Net Worth, how did this man make a Net Worth of $1 Million despite coming from a low-income family and a country with a weaker economy? Let us brief you about this man’s journey.


Cheikh Mboup’s career journey is interesting. He has worked in many big companies. Working in big companies on a low-profile job is easy, but this man’s talent allowed him to work in big positions in big companies. Let’s start his career journey by briefing you about his educational background. Everyone needs a good education to prepare his resume and get jobs in companies. This man also did the same thing.


Cheikh Mboup was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. Senegal’s population is around 18-19 million, and its economy is also weak compared to other cities worldwide. Cheikh Mboup was a hard-working student who got good positions in his exams. Being good at studies and getting huge class positions earned him free scholarships to study in different countries. His 1st big scholarship was studying at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University. Cheikh Mboup graduated from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. He earned a Finance and Statistics Bachelor from Lehigh University in 2004. In 2011, Cheikh Mboup earned a Master’s in Business Administration in Economics and International Business from Jacksonville University. This was a big grade for him, and being good at studies helped him get the chance to study at Harvard.

In 2012, Cheikh Mboup got the Strategic Management of Growth Companies Certificate from Harvard University. Getting admission to Harvard University is the dream of every hard-working student, but Cheikh Mboup got a certificate from this university in 2012. This wealthy certificate was helpful for him in his future because everyone knows the importance of a Harvard Certificate. PhD in Economics and International Business was his last badge. He earned a PhD from Argosy University in 2016 and completed his studies. It was time for him to jump into professional services. Getting good degrees isn’t enough when you can’t earn a big position through those degrees. It was time for Cheikh Mboup to get a powerful position through his studies, and he succeeded, too.

Lone Star Funds

The first big opportunity for Cheikh Mboup was to work in Lone Star Funds after completing his education. Lone Star Funds is an American Private Equity Firm investing money in distressed assets in Canada, the USA, and other countries. It is a big company with an AUM of $86 Billion. Working in this big company was Cheikh Mboup’s first experience, but he earned numerous big positions there. Lone Star Funds still earns billions of dollars, but no complaints were made when Cheikh Mboup worked there. It was founded in 1995, and Cheikh Mboup worked very well, although it was the first big job.

President and COO at Edible Arrangements

After working for Lone Star Funds, Cheikh Mboup got the chance to work at another big company named Edible Arrangements. Edible Arrangements LLC is a US-based private company performing outstandingly well in the Foor & Beverage Industry. Cheikh Mboup got to serve as this company’s Chief Operating Officer. Being the COO of a company whose services were expanded in numerous other countries was a big thing in his career. Still, more opportunities were also waiting for him inside this company. Cheikh Mboup ultimately worked hard, and management offered him the presidency. This man became the President of Edible Arrangements when he delivered outstanding results as a Chief Operating Officer. This bigger status helped him become a millionaire, but more things awaited him.

Launched and Operated 23 Franchises

Cheikh Mboup gained fame after working as a President at Edible Arrangements. He was about to become a millionaire but decided to launch some projects himself. Everyone launches 1 project and continues it till the end, but Cheikh Mboup launched and worked on 23 different franchises. He had previously worked in big positions. Therefore, handling hundreds of employees was easy for him. That’s when the idea to launch and operate 23 different franchises became successful for this man. Some of his franchises didn’t perform well, but some became successful.

CEO of SSH Investments

His current position is that he works as the CEO of SSH Investments. SSH Investments is a Real Estate Company with many residential and commercial properties. Cheikh Mboup is the CEO of this big company, and working there has made him a millionaire. We’ve already briefed you about his Net Worth, but it might improve as this big position drives millions of dollars into your bank accounts. We’ve seen many CEOs who are billionaires. Hopefully, your favorite role model will also become the CEO with a billion dollars of Net Worth.


That was the complete story of Cheikh Mboup. I think we’ve covered everything about your favorite role model. What more do you want from us? Tell us your demand by commenting on our website’s comments section. We’ll answer your question as soon as possible. We’ve covered everything about Cheikh Mboup, including his Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Educational Background, and the companies where he worked. That’s all for now. Take care of yourself, and visit our website to discover the Biographies and Net Worth of people like these. Thanks!

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